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Tablecloths and napkins

We offer a high quality service with a huge variety of items.

You can mix and match the napkins with the tablecloths.

Takern them and arrange them. All our tablecloths are delivered with a minimumrn number of invisible folds in order to provide you with a product that rnis quick and easy to use.
Everything is wrapped in plastic.
With rnregard to the napkins, these are stored flat at our premises. All that rnis required is to undo the napkins and fold them as you wish. Finish rnthem off with sharp creases.

Sample napkins



Bellas   050 blanc

Bellas 050 blanc

Bellas   052 crème

Bellas 052 crème


Inca  359 lin
Inca 359 lin

Maya  081 lin
Maya 081 lin





Java 004
Nappe  Java 004 turquoise








Satyne 021
Satyne 021 anis
Satyne 047
Satyne 047 violet






Nappe Vichy
120 x 130 cm
100 % Coton

Nappe Vichy 085 noire














Menorca 0312

Menorca 0312 taupe












Blacky 010 rouge
295 x 295 cm
Nappe Blacky 010 rouge

Blacky 010 rouge

Nappe Blacky 010 rouge retournée


Blacky 057 taupe
295 x 295 cm
Nappe Blacky 057 taupe
Blacky 057 taupe
Nappe Blacky 057 taupe retournée


Blacky 081 gris perle
295 x 295 cm
Nappe Blacky 081 gris perle
Blacky 081 gris perle
Nappe Blacky 081 gris perle retournée