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Fauteuil event nu
After many years of listening to customers along with two years researching the creation of the first prototype, the EVENT armchair has arrived.

Light, easy to handle and comfortable, the EVENT armchair is rated highly by those who like social interaction and it is much loved by women who can put their handbags under the seats in complete safety. So no more accidents during service (tripping over handbags). 
A large number of colours are available.

A trolley on casters for carrying 4, 8 or 12 dishes is available. It has a protective cover.

0035 blake
Fauteuil Event Picadilly 0035 noir

0023 crème
rnFauteuil Event Picadilly 0023 crème


0004 aubergine
Fauteuil Event Picadilly 0004 aubergine

0003 rouge
Fauteuil Event Picadilly 0003 rouge

0009 camel
Fauteuil Event col. 0006 camel